Selected list of Environmental Impact Assessment Projects

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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EIA) is a main part of our provided services during the past decades, both in Greece and in the surrounding countries. We have undertaken more than four hundred (400) Environmental Impact Assessments of all kinds of works and activities (roads, harbors, airports, mining, renewable energy etc) with most of them being considered as major infrastructure works.

As a result, Enveco’s capabilities are among the best in the industry both in Greece and in the surrounding Region. A full time staff of civil - sanitary - environmental engineers, hydrologists, chemical engineers, architects - town planners, economists, ecologists, biologists, environmental scientists, lawyers and other scientists who work for Enveco S.A. possess the experience and expertise to fully meet our clients’ needs and guarantee the quality of provided services. Staff members have specialized in Environmental Impact Assessment studies, developing a broad expertise through the conduct of numerous relevant studies.

In particular, Enveco EIA specialists have considerable experience in the following areas of activities:


  • Analysis of the existing state of the natural environment, for all environmental media (water, air, nature, soil)
  • Analysis of the existing state of the manmade environment (social, historical, economical etc), as well as relevant existing pressures
  • Definition and evaluation of alternatives, according to specific proposed environmental criteria.
  • Participating in the formulation of the project that has the least impacts on the environment (optimization of the selected alternatives)
  • Analysis of environmental impacts for the selected alternatives based on proven methodologies that are considered state of the art in the assessment of impacts of projects
  • Proposition of mitigation measures that should be taken in order to further mitigate the expected impacts on the environment

Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA)

Strategic Environmental & Social Impact Assessment of plans & programs (SESA) is a another priority sector of activities of Enveco since its establishment and as a result Enveco has an outstanding record of such studies both in Greece and in the surrounding countries. 

Since the introduction of SEA directive (2001/42/EC) Enveco has elaborated a high number of SESA studies of various programs and plans. As a result, today Enveco’s capabilities in this sector are among the best in the industry both in Greece and in the surrounding Region.

It is worth mentioning that Enveco has been deeply involved in the transposition of the EU SEA directive, into the national legislation framework of Greece.​

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