Selected list of Water Resources Management Projects

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Water management was one of the main targeted sectors of Enveco since its establishment, based on the vast relevant scientific background of its main partners. Today Enveco’s water resources management capabilities are among the higest qualified in the industry ​​both in Greece and in the surrounding Region.  

A full time staff of hydrologists, engineers, environmental scientists, biologists and hydro geologists possess the experience and expertise to fully meet our clients’ needs. Staff members have specialized in water resources for the past 20 years, developing a broad expertise by conducting numerous relevant studies.

In particular, Enveco water specialists have considerable experience in the following areas of activities:


  • Formulation of surface water simulation models (e.g. sacramento) in order to asses the natural water availability

  • Formulation of a hydro-geological models in order to asses the water balance and the progress of the quality of ground waters

  • Use of River Basin Simulation Model (e.g. ribasim, mike basin, etc) for regulate water supply and demand regulation

  • Set up and operation of hydro-meteorological, hydrometric and hydro-geological Databases (e.g. hymos)

  • Design and implementation of Decision Support Systems and Specialized simulation software for water policy managers

  • Design and elaboration of monitoring programs of surface (rivers, lakes, transitional and coastal water bodies) and ground water systems

  • Assessment of the loads of disperse pollution from cultivations and point source pollution from residential development as well as assessment of water quality levels of surface and ground waters

It is worth to mention that Enveco has been deeply involved in the implementation of the existing EU water policy directive, the so-called Water Framework Directive, both in Greece and Cyprus. Water Framework Directive adopted in 2000 is currently the operational policy tool of EU in the water sector, setting the objectives for water protection for the future both in EU counties and the neighboring ones.

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