In our times, sustainable Waste Management is one of the big challenges our planet faces. We dedicate ourselves in promoting innovative ways that may utilize waste as a source of energy and mitigate their negative environmental impacts, since environmental sustainability is very much dependent on an effective waste management.

Enveco SA has over the decades accumulated significant experience in issues of urban & industrial waste management. We provide consulting services pertaining to legal and administrative framework of waste management and environmental characterization of particular waste types, including solid and liquid waste.
Through our expertise, we guarantee the reuse of  wastewater in irrigation activities, gray water and within the actual production (i.e. industrial process).

We additionally conduct Environmental and Social Impact Assessments of waste processing units, while we contribute to strategic and financial approaches of waste management projects.

Enveco SA is undoubtedly confident of having attained the necessary know-how that guarantees high quality services that contribute to sustainable growth and development.