Enveco S.A. has been recently completed a project in Athens, Greece

Enveco SA has recently been completed the project titled “Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of a large scale urban development project in Hellinikon, Athens".


Detailed Project Description:

The project concerned the elaboration of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of a large scale Urban Development Project located in the southern suburb of the Athens Metropolitan area Hellinikon.

The ESIA aimed at assessing the impacts of the project covering an area of 620 Ha on the site of the former Athens International Airport abandoned in 1999.

The new development was based on a preliminary design carried out by Foster and Partners and included a Metropolitan Park of 200Ha, surrounded by different neighbourhoods combining residential areas with uses of commerce, tourism and entertainment.    

The project also included new infrastructure such new roads and light rail lines, the restoration of two small rivers crossing the area incorporated in the Park’s design, new marine projects such as the creation of new urban beach, 1km long, a new marina and a world class aquarium.  The total coverage of green areas was estimated to 350Ha and the permanent residents of the new development to 20,000.  The average number of visitors was estimated to 70,000 per day and the new jobs created to more than 50,000.  According to the current time planning of the project most infrastructure works, 70% of the Park and the greatest part of the coastal area will be completed in the first 10 years of the project, whereas the latest part of the residential areas will be developed almost 20 years after its commencement.

The ESIA focused on assessing the impact of the new development in the neighbouring communities with special emphasis given to traffic, noise, air pollution, as well as local commercial activities.  Microclimatic and wind tunnel models were developed and alternative traffic scenaria provided the traffic loads for noise and air pollution modelling.  Sensitive areas have been identified and precautionary measures as well as detailed environmental management systems during construction and operation were proposed. Specific monitoring programmes were designed on surface and groundwater, traffic noise, air quality and marine environment.  Flora and fauna monitoring was also proposed, especially in parts of the Metropolitan Park with high biodiversity potential.

Furthermore, the ESIA included an open public consultation process which lasted more than 6 months, during which the ESIA study was presented in all surrounding municipalities, as well as numerous stakeholders of both public and private sectors.   


Description of actual services provided by Enveco within the assignment:

ENVECO S.A. had full responsibility of the ESIA study.

The study was based on technical information found in the preliminary design studies of all infrastructure works and the masterplan of the development provided by LAMDA S.A.