Enveco S.A has recently won a contract as leader in a joint venture with Deltares(NL), Syke(FI), Ambiente(IT) and Sofreco(FR).

Project Title

“Technical Assistance for Capacity Building on Water Quality Monitoring”



1.000.000 Euro


The purpose of the contract is to provide technical assistance within the aim of strengthening Turkey’s capacity to implement the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).

Our project team will:


  • provide training for the staff of the beneficiary institutions such as for analytical equipment, internal laboratory procedures, quality control, monitoring equipment including IT support, determination of environmental quality standard (EQS) and ecological quality ratio (EQR) by using the data from monitoring results of the pilot basin, i.e., Büyük Menderes,

  • review the existing data’s completeness and the monitoring requirements established, identify  the needs and gather additional data required,

  • monitor the parameters in the Büyük Menderes river basin within the framework of the Water Framework Directive and daughter directives,

  • analyze and report on a future investment plan (including indicative needs, costs, time schedule) for 5 online monitoring stations and institutional infrastructure of the institutions making online monitoring in the pilot river basin and establishment of real time operational river basin management information system (online monitoring).

Enveco S.A. has been awarded a contract in Turkey

Monday, October 14, 2013