Enveco S.A./Enveco BG has recently won a contract in Bulgaria

Name of the public procurement: “Observation of cetaceans Tursiops truncatus, Phocoena phocoena and Delphinus delphis in the Bulgarian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Black Sea”


Contracting authorities:

Executive Environment Agency (EEA)


Place of Performance:

entire EEZ of Bulgaria in the Black Sea


Contract performance deadline:



Price proposal is:

1 954 000 BGN excluding VAT (approximately 1 000 000 Euro), 2 344 800 BGN including VAT (approximately 1 200 000 Euro)


Partners of the project:

“ENVECO S.A.” – Greece (Leader)

“MacAlister Elliott & Partners” Ltd – United Kingdom

“Mare Nostrum” NGO - Romania

"Institute of Fish Resources – Varna" - Bulgaria

Аssociation „Black Sea Research Programme – NOAH“ -Bulgaria


Aims of the project:


І. Determination and mapping of the distribution and relative abundance of cetacean populations

I.1. Preliminary preview and selection of a methodology for field observations/mapping of the cetaceans Tursiops truncatus, Phocoena phocoena and Delphinus delphis.

I.2. Field observations during the first field season (2014) include the approbation of the proposed methodology for the first use of ships, aircrafts and other vehicle.

I.3. Field observations during the second field season (2015)

I.4. Processing and analysis of the collected data using statistical programs and GIS models


II. Assessment of the impact of environmental factors (anthropogenic and natural factors) on cetacean populations


III. Assessment of the Conservation status ( CS ) of cetaceans in the Bulgarian EEZ in the Black Sea. Proposal for designation of protected areas.

III.1 . Developing a methodology for determining the Conservation status

III.2. Development of the spatial model of distribution, abundance, density and migration of populations of cetaceans in the Bulgarian EEZ and the main habitat factors and threats;

III.3 . Selection and implementation of an ecosystem-based spatial analysis model and evaluation of the relationships between cetaceans and trophic factors (herds of fish) and fishing

III.4. Determination of a conservation status

III.5 . Determination of the most suitable areas for protected areas (PA)for the two cetacean species (Tursiops truncatus and Phocoena phocoena) in the Bulgarian EEZ in the Black Sea, from the Natura 2000 network.

III.6 . Preparation of the necessary documentation for declaring the proposed Protected areas under Art. 8of the Biodiversity Act (BA)


IV. Proposal for a program for monitoring of the status and abundance of cetaceans in the Bulgarian EEZ in the Black Sea

IV.1 . Preparation of a proposal for a methodology for monitoring of cetaceans in the Bulgarian Black Sea EEZ in accordance with " Regulation № 2 of 18 December 2006 on procedures for the establishment and operation of the national system for monitoring of the biodiversity" (published SG . No. 3 of 12 January 2007 ), including financial evaluation.

ІV.2. Selection of monitoring sites