Enveco S.A. has been shortlisted.

Enveco S.A. has been shortlisted and already submitted the Expression of Interest of the final phase.

Contract description:

The project can briefly be described as a “Consultancy Services for Building Regulatory Capacity in the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA)”

The main focus of the project shall be on strengthening the existing ESIA procedures, including:

(i) support to and capacity building of the existing EIA Board of Experts;

(ii) support to and capacity building of the ESIA expertise within the NEPA headquarters;


(iii) assisting the NEPA in extending ESIA expertise to NEPA staff in 8 or more provincial branches, in particular to decentralize the ESIA procedures for smaller operations, and to place the NEPA ESIA expertise closer to the sites of major mining and infrastructure projects.


We are currently preparing for the final Expression of Interest.


Open Tender in Afghanistan, Capacity Building​