Offered Services​

​​ENVECO S.A. is dedicated on the provision of environmental consultancy services since the commencement of its activities. The fields of offered activities were formed in line with the Greek and international market demands and the specialized experience of the company’s staff. Specifically, the fields of activity of ENVECO SA include issues related to the:

Environmental Impact Assessment

​​Those include Environmental Impact Assessments of major highways, water dams, airports, harbors, railway lines, shopping centers, mining activities, renewable energy etc. Strategic Environmental Assessment is another type of 

studies, where we have demonstrated our capacity to fulfill its purpose, such as in the context of National Strategic Reference Framework projects, or in development of desalination plans.


In the field of Water Management, we provide top quality services in pertinence to both Water Quantity and Water Quality. Water Resources Management is a central pillar of our strength as consultants.


Through our high expertise, we are capable to undertake high quality Ecological Baseline studies, due to the vast range of experts within our permanent staff. Biologists, ecologists and ornithologists and have been carried out since the commencement of activities.

Environmental Policy and Legislation 

This sector of offered services covers issues related to the integration of environmental and sustainable development issues into national policies, capacity building in the field of environmental policy and legislation as well as preparation of regional and national environmental legislation frameworks.


Environmental Project Management

Consulting services to construction companies and major industrial installations concerning the management of works and activities in compliance with the environmental legislation (national, European and International) and the principles of sustainability are provided in the framework to this field of activities.

Pollution Management

Through strategy planning and a variety of assessment techniques we make sure that appropriate measures are taken  for pollution monitoring and abatement, both locally as well as on a large scale basis.