Environmental Management Plan of “Asgata area- CY5000007”(Natura 2000 Network) in Cyprus

Environmental Management Plan of “Asgata area- CY5000007”(Natura 2000 Network) in Cyprus

Country: Cyprus

Region: Asgata, Larnaka
Duration: 17 months
Client: Republic of Cyprus, Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment

Main Project Characteristics:

  • “Asgata area, CY5000007” is located on the south part of Cyprus Republic, in ‘Larnaka’ District and covers a total area of 106,55 ha and it consists of two subareas. 
  • Environmental consulting to project co financed through EU Funds in accordance with the 92/43/EEC Directive.
  • Data collection and detailed field works carried out.
  • Public consultation with governmental agencies and local stakeholders.
  • Submission of intermediary reviews and editions to the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment in accordance with the contract terms’ time schedule.
  • Description of the natural and manmade environment.
  • Emphasis given to the evaluation of the conservation status of targeted habitats such as habitats of annex I of Directive 92/43/EEC, plant species of annex II of Directive 92/43/EEC such as Astragalus macrocarpus ssp. lefkarensis and Phlomis brevibracteata, important bird species such as Oenanthe cypriaca, Sylvia melanothorax, Falco eleonorae and important mammals such as Rousettus aegyptiacus.  Assessment of existing trends concerning the conservation status of targeted habitats and species as well as main pressures and threats.
  • Defining the main Conservation Objectives for achieving the Favorable Conservation Status for species and habitats according to the 92/43/EEC Directive along with social and economic objectives.
  • Proposal on an integrated environmental management plan for the protected area which is divided to subzones with specific protection status. Emphasis was given to the protection of the important plants Astragalus macrocarpus ssp. Lefkarensis and Phlomis brevibracteata and their habitats. Other important flora and fauna species are also protected.
  • The Management Plan also indicates the allowed activities within the Natura 2000 site (cultivation practices, touristic development etc).
  • Proposals regarding the implementation of the Management Plan including monitoring programs plans for the target species, conservation works and activities etc.
  • Proposed ecology studies for the target species Astragalus macrocarpus spp. lefkarensis and Phlomis brevibracteata and present Chiroptera species within site. Proposed study for the characterization of the adjacent mining area as ‘Geopark’. Proposed actions and activities within the site.
  • Cost estimation related to the implementation of the management plan.
  • Proposals related to the administrative management of the protected area.
  • Conduct of a synoptic summary of the management plan for public consultation and final report for tasks accomplished.