​​Strategic Environmental & Social Assessment of Double Regeneration Plan

​​Strategic Environmental & Social Assessment of Double Regeneration Plan

Country: Greece

Region: City of Athens, Municipality of Athens
Duration: March 2008 – April 2008
Client: AKTOR A.T.E.


Narrative description of Project:

The DOUBLE REGENERATION PROJECT is an ambitious city planning project, which promotes the simultaneous regeneration of two areas in the Municipality of Athens (“double” regeneration): The Eleonas area and the Alexandras Avenue area.

Urban Planning Regulation of Law 3481/2006 (“Double Regeneration Law”) modified the Greater Athens Master Plan and arranged two new metropolitan poles for recreation, sports, cultural and other supplementary operations in the Athens municipal area. The modification is in accordance with the guidelines of the Greater Athens Master Plan and the Municipality of Athens General Urban Plan, concerning the creation of metropolitan poles for recreation, large scale interventions for the upgrading of the city and urban green unification. The Double Regeneration Law specifies significant modifications in the selected new poles, Eleonas and Alexandras Avenue.


The Double Regeneration Law promotes the creation of a new metropolitan pole in the area of Eleonas. In the blocks to be regenerated, industrial functions are taken out and a new, dynamic pole of metropolitan significance and with diversity of uses (recreation, sports, culture and trade) is created.
Within the streets of Orfeos, Agias Annis, Agiou Polikarpou and the Prophet Daniel stream, a new unified area of ca. 20 ha will be originated, including:

  • Construction of a football stadium for the Panathinaikos football club with a capacity of 40,000 seats, according to 4 star FIFA-UEFA standards, with athletic facilities
  • Construction of an indoor basketball and volleyball court with a capacity of 8,000 seats
  • A multifunctional municipal building
  • A shopping and recreation center
  • Creation of necessary overground and underground parking area
  • Creation of public park areas of approximately 12 ha
  • Infrastructure works backing up the project, including opening of new streets and widening others, as well as reconfiguration of the course of the Prophet Daniel stream and creation of a riverside street, sewage works etc.


  • The existing football field will be torn down.
  • The remaining area obtains the public park classification. A recreational park of approximately1,7 ha will be constructed.
  • An athletic museum of 150 m2 as well as a recreation and dining area of 250 m2 will be constructed, resulting in a total structured surface of 400 m2.
  • A public, underground parking space will be constructed with a capacity of 700 cars, for use by inhabitants, the nearby Metro station passengers and visitors.

Description of actual services provided by Enveco within the assignment:

The following tasks have been covered:

Task 1: Field study at the Eleonas and Alexandras Avenue regions and specifically at the area were the Double Regeneration Plan is to be implemented
Task 2: Analysis of the current state of the environment, with an emphasis on the land use and the legal framework of the regions
Task 3: Analysis and selection of the suggested solution for the exact location of all the distinct elements of the project, so that impacts on the human and natural environment are mitigated, focusing on issues such as traffic, air and noise pollution during both the construction and operation periods, the bioclimatic design of the buildings, the alteration of the surrounding space and the management of solid waste and wastewater.
Task 4: Planning of the measures for the mitigation of the potential impact and investigation for the proposal of specific environmental terms.
Task 5: Proposed environmental terms which should be followed during all phases of the project
Task 6: Composing of the Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) dossier and submitting it to the authorities.
Task 7: Assist the client in the permit procedure