Atlas of Eleonas, Athens, Greece. Regional Cooperation for a Durable Urban Planning



Urban analysis and evaluation of the historic tissue of Eleonas in Athens from economical, social, spatial and environmental point of view.
Eleonas occupies an area of almost 900 hectares just a few kilometers of the centre of Athens. It bears characteristics of a post-industrial site, a brownfield or a wastescape, even of an ‘urban void’ to the urban framework of the metropolitan area of the Greek capital.

The main feature of Eleonas is its transitional character. Moreover, the complicated patchwork of existing land uses, the lack of a hierarchically structured road network and the sparse buildings with ephemeral construction materials indicate an area under transformation. In sharp contrast with the compact urban fabric that surrounds the area, Eleonas has a great, unfulfilled potential for the whole metropolitan area of Athens because it is still quite flexible and affordable.

The project included:


  • View of Eleonas in its local, regional and metropolitan context

  • Analysis of the patterns in the formation of Athens and Eleonas urban tissue

  • Identification of the topography and Landscape components

  • Analysis and recording of the main economic, commercial and leisure activities

  • Analysis of the housing typologies

  • Analysis of the Environmental Systems and Pressures

  • Analysis of the Cultural Heritage

  • Presentation of the existing legal and regulatory framework of the complex historical urban space

  • Examination of the emerging opportunities of Eleonas and elaboration of the principles and conceptual steps in order to achieve effective sustainable urban planning and strategy.