Nomination of Geosites – Geotopes, Contribution to the Sustainable Development

Nomination of Geosites – Geotopes, Contribution to the Sustainable Development

​Country: Greece
Duration: 10 months
Client: Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Greece

Brief description

The project was elaborated as a part of the "Feasibility Studies and Management Plans for the Nomination of Geoparks" which is part of the Operational Programme "Competitiveness" of the Community Support Framework 2000-2006. The goal of the project was to design potential Geoparks in two selected areas, to promote geotourism and generally mild tourism. The project scope included (a) the proposal of an Intervention Strategy and Management Policies for the two potential Geoparks for the emergence of geological heritage and geotourism in the context of environmental conservation and sustainable socioeconomic development in selected areas and (b) the Interpretation Study of the two Geoparks. The planning for the Integrated Management Plan includes: proposal for the Management Scheme (Master Plan), Strategic Business Planning (Business / Tourist plan, Marketing plan), Design of promotion-interpretation (Interpretation Plan), and priorities - phases for the Implementation of this design (Development Plan). The project involves the provision of technical consultancy services in project co-funded by the European Union.

Services provided

Phase 1: Analysis, Design information materials (Study Model Management Plan).
Phase 2: Integrated Management Plan for the Promotion and Operation of Geoparks - Draft Assessment. Phase 3: Application Dossiers (in English) for nomination of the two areas as European and UNESCO Global Geoparks.