​​​Ecological Evaluation Study Ikaria Island Wind Farms

Ecological Evaluation Study Ikaria Island Wind Farms

Country: Greece

Region: Ikaria Island
Duration: In Progress
Client: Protergia S.A.

Main Project Characteristics:

  • Total Power: 330 MW
  • 110 Wind Turbines, 3 MW each
  • Part of the project is planned to be located within Special Protection Area (SPA) «Ikaria Island (southwestern part)» - GR4120005 and Special Area of Conservation (SAC) - «Ikaria - Fournoi and coastal area»  - GR4120004
  • Assessment of the study area’s ecological value and proposal of alternative project plan
  • Conduct of specific ornithological surveys and studies
  • Extensive fieldwork for identification and delineation of habitat types, investigation of important flora/fauna species
  • GIS processing of collected data (mapping of important vegetation types/categories such as Querqus ilex forests, rocky slopes with chasmophytic vegetation etc, presentation of vantage points and high density crossing areas of birds and of rest fauna species).
  • GIS analysis of raptors movements and data processing for understanding bird behavior and the land use pattern.
  • Assessment of Wind Turbines’ impacts on vegetation, flora/fauna species. Emphasis given to habitat types included in the ANNEX Ι of 92/43/EEC Directive, bird species within SPA site and to important flora/fauna species.
  • Proposal to ensure  that potential significant impacts on important ecological aspects within the study area are adequately mitigated
  • Proposal for implementation of a monitoring plan for bird fauna