Drainage and sewage treatment system of Attica basin

Drainage and sewage treatment system of Attica basin



Country: Greece

Name of Client: Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company 

Start date (month/year): 04/2013

Completion date (month/year): 07/2013

Name of associated Consultants: G. K Consultants S.A.

Duration of assignment (months): 2,5


Detailed Project Description:


The main objective of this project was the modification of the environmental terms of the drainage and sewage treatment system of Attica basin (CMD 140774/11-06-2009) for the environmental approve of the sewerage system of two areas of Attica (Northwest Mesogeia, Southeastern coast of Saronikos), aiming at their integration in the environmental approved total drainage system and the Centre of Sewage Treatment in Psyttaleia.


The key social and environmental issues that have been tackled throughout the period of offering services were the following:


  • Examination of an important number of water quality measurements that are held in the Centre of Treatment of Sewages in Psyttaleia for a pleiad of parameters (natural, microbiological etc.) and of the continuous samplings and laboratorial analyses and controls in the marine ecosystem of Saronikos gulf for the quality of the marine environment, according to the requirements of the environmental terms. 

  • Analysis of the elements and results of the the Centre of Sewage Treatment operation.

  • Comparison of the alternative solutions of the sewage drainage of the two new areas.

  • Examination in the existing recipients of sewages of regions of Mesogeia and Saronikos, in order to investigate their hydraulic sufficiency.

  • Estimation of polluting charge after the connection of the new regions in the Centre of Sewage Treatment in Psyttaleia.


Description of actual services provided by Enveco within the assignment:


Our staff covered the issues related to all phases of the preparation of the project. In particular, the following tasks have been covered:


Task 1:  Project Co-ordination

Task 2:  Participation in the process of the methodology determination

Task 3: Determination of the schedule of the field work and of the overall project timetable

Task 4: Participation at the field work and sampling

Task 5: Composition of project progress reports

Task 6: Determination of the mitigation measures proposed

Task 7: Composition of the final project study report