Ecological Baseline study and ornithological study for wind farm on Mt Vourinos

Ecological Baseline study and ornithological study for wind farm on Mt Vourinos.

​Country: Greece

Region: Kozani Prefecture
Duration: March 2010 - September 2010
Client: Rokas Renewables

Main Project Characteristics

  • Total power: 92 MW
  • 46 Wind Turbines, 2 MW each including supportive works (roads, transmission lines etc)
  • The project is located within the Special Protection Area (SPA) “Ori Voriou Vourinou kai Melia” GR1330002 and is adjacent to the Special Area of Conservation (SAC) “Oros Vourinos (Messiano Nero)” - GR1330001
  • Data collection and analytical fieldwork research
  • Processing of collected data (GIS processing, databases, bibliographical data)
  • Synthesis of bibliographical research and fieldwork data for identification and delineation of vegetation categories, such as Interpretation manual  for Habitats, previous mapping projects (BIOMAP), Braun – Blanquet flora sampling,  red data book, EUNIS data base etc
  • Assessment of the study area’s ecological value.  The main task required is to undertake a complete study regarding the natural environment of the projects area through a combination of data from past flora surveys and updated avifauna observations.
  • Investigation of important flora species
  • Surveys for avifauna and other fauna species. In depth research for associating bird behavior and  mammal activity (observation of tracks, faeces etc) with the project
  • Mapping of habitats within the study area, determining locations of rare flora species observed during field work, such as Achillea ageratifolia ssp. αgeratifolia, Anthyllis aurea, Onobrychis alba ssp. calcarea, Viola vourinensis
  • During fieldwork a rare Greek endemic species was identified (Satureja montana ssp. macedonica) that was thought to be endemic to Olympos and Pinovo Mt. Its location on Mt Vourinos is a new finding, unknown until recently
  • Various appendices (photographical aspects of the area, detailed flora and fauna matrices, Natura 2000 fieldwork forms, etc)