Ecological Baseline study – Vrontou I & ΙΙ Windfarms

Ecological Baseline study – Vrontou I & ΙΙ Windfarms

​Country: Greece

Region: Serres Prefecture
Duration: In Progress
Client: Althea Energy S.A.

Main Project Characteristics

  • Total power of Vrontou I & ΙΙ wind farms: 44 MW
  • 22 Wind Turbines, 2 MW each including supportive works (roads, transmission lines etc)
  • The location adjacent to the Special Area of Conservation (SAC) “Ori Vrontous – Lailias – Epimikes” - GR1260007 at northern Greece and consists mainly of Fagus and Pinus forests as well as meadows on the ridges
  • Data collection and analytical fieldwork research
  • Processing and synthesis of collected data (GIS processing, databases, bibliographical data)
  • Extensive fieldwork for identification, delineation and mapping of habitat types in the study area such as  “Luzulo-Fagetum beech forests” and Ostryo-Carpinion vegetation
  • Assessment of the study area’s ecological value.  The purpose of the baseline study is to facilitate the environmental impact assessment of the project based on accurate and updated observations regarding the natural environment of the projects area
  • Investigation of important flora species such as Dianthus strymonis, Dactylorhiza kalopissii etc using standardized sampling methods and special field equipment
  • Surveys for avifauna and other fauna species for the purpose of understanding species behavior and preferences in the study area.
  • High population density of Sus scrofa was observed throughout the study area, to the hillsides and ridges.
  • Circaetus gallicus, Pernis apivorus, Aquila chrysaetos Buteo rufinus, Dryocopus martius are some important avifauna species observed in the area surrounding the location of the wind farm during fieldwork for which a monitoring program has been proposed
  • Various appendices (photographical aspects of the area, detailed flora and fauna matrices, Natura 2000 fieldwork forms, etc)