​​​Technical Assistance for compliance with EIA directive in Bosnia and Herzegovina

​​​Technical Assistance for compliance with EIA directive in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Client: EU Delegation Bosnia and Herzegovina
Start date (month/year): 3/1/2005
Completion date (month/year):  3/1/2006
Name of associated Consultants: EPEM S.A.

Detailed Project Description

  • The main objective of the project was to contribute as well as to enhance sustainable environmental management in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and thereby brining the country closer to EU environmental standards.
  • The project’s specific objective was to enhance the capacity of the Ministries to manage the EIA process, focusing on the review component from within the Ministries of Environment.
  • The focus of the project is on transferring competence to local partners. The expected results of the project are the following:

- Existing EIA methodology (legal document and EIA methodology) compared to EU best practice, in particular related to cumulative, synergetic and indirect effects of the investment
- Methodology for EIA review prepared
- Public information and disclosure practice fostered

  • The project included a number of training sessions for the employees of the Ministries of Environment as well as other relevant Ministries that are included in the EIA review process.
  • In addition, the following documents were prepared as a mean of enhancing capacity of the relevant employees:

- A list of the most important environmental impacts from various types of projects / activities (red flags)
- Specific guidelines of EIS review for types of projects/activities that are common in Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Proposals for improvement of the existing legal framework
- Proposals for institutional changes in the field of EIA review
- Proposals for improvements of the overall EIA review process

Description of actual services provided by Enveco within the assignment:

Our staff covered the issues related to training of the staff of the Ministries of Environment on the assessment and evaluation of EIA studies. In particular, the following tasks have been covered:

Task 1: Preparation of guidelines for EIA studies assessment and evaluation
Task 2: Training of the staff of the two Ministries of Environment on the proposed methodology       in theory and based on specific case studies
Task 3: Submit proposals for improvements of the existing situation