​​​Deepening of Piraeus central port and management of dredged materials

​​​Special technical implementation study for Deepening of Piraeus central port and management of dredged materials

Country: Greece​

Region: City of Piraeus, Prefecture of Piraeus​​​
Duration: July 2006 - September 2006
Client: Piraeus Port Authority SA

Main characteristics:

  • Brief presentation of the International – European as well as the Greek institutional framework related to dredging and dredged material management
  • Study of the geomorphology of the floor of Piraeus Central Port and assessment of dredging needs  
  • Analysis and assessment of the quality characteristics of the sediments on the central port floor
  • Description of alternative dredging solutions, transportation, treatment and disposal of dredged materials   
  • Environmental comparison of alternative dredging solutions, transportation and treatment – disposal of dredged materials, finding of the optimum solution and cost assessment of suggested solution
  • Environmental monitoring plan  

Important environmental issues:

  • Proposal of measures so that mechanical dredging can be environmentally acceptable
  • Proposal of measures so that the transportation of dredged materials will be environmentally the best and the dispersion of dredged materials to the marine environment will be avoided
  • Controlled disposal of dredged materials aiming at removing them from the marine environment

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