Environmental Impact Assessment for the recommended power plant in Nea Karvali​

Environmental Impact Assessment for the recommended power plant in Nea Karvali​

Country: Greece

Region: Nea Karvali – Prefecture of Kavala
Duration:  September 2002 - December 2002

Client:  EDF, EDISON, HE&D, Phosphoric Fertilizers Industry and SIIF

Main characteristics:

  • Evaluation and assessment of the environmental impacts from the construction and operation of the natural gas-fueled power plant, with a capacity of 440 MW
  • Submission of proposals for the observance of terms and restrictions and for taking the appropriate measures aiming at minimizing any negative environmental impacts
  • Assessment of the noise propagation in the adjacent area during the construction and operation phases of the new Power Plant
  • Impact Assessment on the Air environment
  • Description of the existing condition of the marine environment and examination of the possible impacts of thermal pollution during the construction and operation of the gas turbine combined cycle unit for power generation
  • Assessment of the dispersion of the disposed cooling water in the sea and of the possible alternative planning solutions of the outflow so that the impacts on the marine environment will be within acceptable limits

Important environmental issues:


  • Disposal of considerable quantities of lukewarm seawater used for the cooling of the facility’s circuits
  • Disposal of part of treated liquid waste of the generation procedure not used for irrigation
  • Dust emissions caused both by the excavations for the foundations of the buildings and facilities in general, as well as by the transit and transportation of the excavation products
  • Exhaust emissions caused by the traffic of the vehicles transporting materials to and from the project site
  • Noise emissions  

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