​​Compilation of environmental studies for Corinth – Patras road axis in the framework of procuring this axis with the concession system​

​​​Compilation of environmental studies for Corinth – Patras road axis in the framework of procuring this axis with the concession system

Country: Greece​

Region: Municipalities of Corinth, Assos – Lehaio, Voha, Velos, Sicyon, Xylokastro, Evrostini, Aigira, Akrata, Diakopto, Aigio, Sympolitia, Erineos, Rio – Prefecture of Corinth and Achaia
Duration: November 2003 – November 2005
Client: HELLENIC REPUBLIC, Ministry of Environment, City Planning and Public Works / Special Service for Public Works/ Concession Road Axes


Main characteristics:

  • Approach of the project’s objective and importance
  • Description of the existing environmental condition
  • Examination and environmental assessment of the alternative solutions
  • Selection of best solution and response measures for environmental impacts both during the project’s construction as well as operation phases.

Important environmental issues: 

  • Incorporation of the environmental dimension in the project design
  • Examination of securing unhindered traffic and observing all safety specifications (central reserve, emergency lane etc)
  • Examination of environmental advisability of using the existing corridor of the current axis wherever techno-economically feasible
  • Proposals for the necessary measures so that the planning will take into account the geological – geotechnical special characteristics of the crossing area of the project
  • Proposals for the reduction of the axis’ involvement with areas of archaeological interest and ecologically sensitive areas, as well as areas with communities
  • Assurance control of traffic connection of the communities’ neighboring the motorway and communication of the regions on both sides

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