Environmental Assessment Studies for the Platy dam and the relevant irrigation networks in the island of Crete

​​Environmental Assessment Studies for the Platy dam and the relevant irrigation networks in the island of Crete

Country: Greece

Region: Crete Island

Client: Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning & Public Works

Start date : 7/1/2010
Completion date :  12/1/2011
Associated Consultants: Ydretme et al


Detailed Project Description

• Geographic determination of the sensitivity of the environment and description – analysis of the characteristic environmental factors and their correlation
• Environmental comparison of the alternative solutions and selection of the best one
• Evaluation – assessment of environmental impacts that may be caused on the environment during the project’s construction and operation due to the presence of sensitive elements of the natural environment, use of natural resources, occupation of land uses, pollutant emissions, nuisances, waste disposal, affecting the landscape, historical and social-economic environment
• Possibility of reclamation with natural means (natural processes)
• Possibility of responding with technical means (construction of the appropriate technical works – applications, e.g. pollution protection technologies, rehabilitation works of the surface waters regimes, environmental rehabilitation works etc)

Description of actual services provided by Enveco within the assignment:

Our staff covers the issues related to environmental impact assessment. In particular, the following tasks have been covered:

Task 1: Definition and rating of alternatives, according to environmental criteria. Support the competent authority on taking relevant decisions.
Task 2: Participating in design and Detailed Description of the technical project (selected alternatives), focusing on its interaction with the local environment
Task 3: Analysis of environmental impacts for the selected alternative
Task 4: Assist the client in the permitting  procedure