Development of a supporting system for the determination and the abatement of point source pollution

​​​Development of a supporting system for the determination and the abatement of point source pollution

Country: Greece

Client: Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning, Public Works

Start date : 12/1/2003
Completion date :  5/1/2006
Associated Consultants: EPEM S.A - LDK Ltd


Detailed Project Description

Narrative description of Project:

The objective of the project is the development of an action plan for the abatement of the air pollution in the greater Athens area, based on the requirements of EU Directive 96/62, as well as its daughter directives, namely 99/30/ΕU, 00/69/ΕU και 02/3/ΕU. The project is comprised of three (3) phases. The first phase includes the collection of air emissions data from various sources (i.e. automobiles, industry, Central Heating, trains, airplanes) and implementation of an air dispersion model for year 2002, in order to perform a calibration between data derived from the existing monitoring network and the air dispersion model. In addition, an assessment of the existing air quality data was performed. The second phase includes the implementation of an air dispersion model for the simulation of the air quality status of Athens during the year 2005 and 2010, assuming a business as usual scenario (i.e. no further actions to be taken). The result of this simulation revealed that if no actions are taken during the coming period, the requirement of the air quality directive will not be fulfilled. Thus, a number of scenarios for the implementation of certain air emission abatement actions were evaluated in order to formulate an action plan for the fulfillment of the air quality standards The third phase of the project includes the formulation of a Decision Support System (DSS) for the evaluation of the scenarios of actions that cover the requirements of the air quality directive. The main criteria of the DSS are socioeconomic, environmental, implementation efficiency. Finally, there is a synthesis of all the actions performed during the project period and the formulation of an action plan for the improvement of air quality in the Greater Athens Area, following the requirement of appendix IV of directive 96/62.
This study was carried out by ENVECO S.A and other Greek Consulting companies and it concerns the development of a supporting system for the registration and report of the environmental data of industrial and relevant activities, as well as the recording, estimation and abatement of pollution caused by constant sources so that the obligations of the Country are covered according to the corresponding European and National legislation:

- Directive 96/61/EE (IPPC), Decision 2000/479/EE (on the European Registration of Pollutant Emissions – EPER), as well as relative national legislation
- Directives that concerns in the confrontation of pollution from organic volatile compound (99/13/EE and KYA 10245/713/1997), as well as relative decisions of National legislation

• Moreover, the general aim of this study (project) constitutes the cover of national obligations that are related to the application of Directive 90/3113/EE, with regard to free information for environmental subjects. The project was divided in the below sub-projects.

[1]: Development of Central System for the registration and the management of data related to Decisions of Approval Environmental terms of industrial and relevant activities
[2]: Development of processes and tools in the frame of the obligation of report the Decision EPER.
[3]:Observation of the progress after the application of the Directive 96/61
[4]: Actions concerning the pollution from volatile organic compounds

Description of actual services provided by Enveco within the assignment:

Our staff covers the issues related to the development of Central Database system. In particular, the following tasks have been covered:

Task 1: Collect and analyze of Decisions of Approval of Environmental Terms for installations that are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment
Task 2 : Create a database system for recording of Approvals of Environmental Terms
Task 3 : Import collected Decisions of Approval of Environmental Terms into the relevant database system.
Task 4: Create a web based database system for the easy upload of the required data for the reporting of the country according to the directive 96/61