Development project of the port facilities at Tympaki, Prefecture of Heraklion, Crete​

​​Development project of the port facilities at Tympaki, Prefecture of Heraklio, Crete, and base ecological studies on issues of land flora and fauna and the marine environment

​Country: Greece 

Region: Crete Island – Prefecture of Heraklion
Duration: August 2007

Client: Heraklion Port Authority SA

Main characteristics:

  • Technical description of the project with specific technical data, presentation of the alternative solutions studied and the project’s advisability and objective
  • Exploration of the land and marine ecosystems in the development area of port facilities 
  • Description and assessment of the data of the existing condition of the anthropogenic environment in the project’s region 
  • Evaluation and assessment of environmental impacts both during the construction phase as well as the operation phase of the project on the surrounding and wider areas

Important environmental issues:

  • Impact assessment in the issue of a) spoiling the coastline, b) creating a new basin and spoiling the sea floor, c) changes in the bathymetry due to the intended dredging and d) interventions for the removal of the material required in the construction 
  • Exploration of the coastal-mechanical conditions in order to assess the impact on the coastal mass transport due to the change in the coastal wave climate from the new port
  • Management of the impacts on the landscape from the project with the construction of an artificial coastline using good quality sediment, contained by wave breakers parallel to the coastline, a coastal pedestrian area and tree plantation with the appropriate landscaping 
  • Impact assessment on the marine environment from a) dissolving the antifouling paint, b) possible oil leaks, c) rainwater runoff and d) release or movement of pollutants from the port floor during dredging 
  • Impact assessment due to the project on the ecosystems and flora species of the land and marine environment of the region

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