​​​Environmental studies for a dam at the Havria river, Chalkidiki​

​​Environmental Studies for the Havria dam and dam networks in the Prefecture of Chalkidiki

​Country: Greece

Region: Prefecture of Chalkidiki
Duration: July 2007 - December 2009

Client: HELLENIC REPUBLIC, Ministry of Infrastructures, Transportation and Networks, General Secretariat of Public Works, Directorate of Water Supply and Sewerage (Δ6)

Main characteristics:

  • Geographic determination of the sensitivity of the environment and description – analysis of the characteristic environmental factors and their correlation
  • Environmental comparison of the alternative solutions and selection of the best one
  • Evaluation – assessment of environmental impacts that may be caused on the environment during the project’s construction and operation due to the presence of sensitive elements of the natural environment, use of natural resources, occupation of land uses, pollutant emissions, nuisances, waste disposal, affecting the landscape, historical and social-economic environment
  • Possibility of reclamation with natural means (natural processes)
  • Possibility of responding with technical means (construction of the appropriate technical works – applications, e.g. pollution protection technologies, rehabilitation works of the surface waters regimen, environmental rehabilitation works etc)

Important environmental issues: 

  • Application of directive 2000/60/EC on the modified water body
  • Water supply and irrigation networks of Havria dam
  • Raising of the reduced level of the aquifer due to the said project
  • Evaluation of synergistic or cumulative impacts. The synergy of impacts was evaluated taking into account the caused impacts of existing or programmed works in the project’s area 

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