Why to Work with Us​


With experience in Environmental Consulting in Greece and Abroad, Enveco has an outstanding knowledge of the environmental consulting industry.


Enveco provides special consulting services, dedicated on the protection and sustainable management of the environment, that go beyond the current practice of delivering conventional services.
Knowledge of policies and regulations
We have extensive knowledge of the existing and upcoming environmental policies and regulations of European Union through their applications to European Members such as Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria as well as the relevant policies and regulations that are proposed by international agencies, such as (UNEP, EPA US, etc.)


Enveco is committed to provide its services with reliability and integrity, in accordance with the standards, specifications and guidelines set by its clients. The two cornerstones of this commitment is the reliability on quality and submission time which are unquestionable for Enveco. As one of many evidence of reliability, ENVECO SA has chosen to insure itself for Professional Indemnity at the Association of LLOYD’S Underwriters, through Marsh LLC Insurance Brokers.

International experience

Although Enveco is a Greece based company, it has offered environmental consulting services in many Eastern Europe countries, such as Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYROM, Georgia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, etc.


Through its long lasting involvement in the environmental industry, Enveco has created strong relationships with environmental experts of various scientific backgrounds, international consulting companies as well as environmental consulting companies in the southeast part of Europe.


Drive to growth

Exploring new business opportunities and, furthermore, creating the conditions for new ones, is a principle that we certainly uphold. Thus, a company department is dedicated to market research on a permanent basis.