​Selected list of Ecology Projects

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Ecology is one of the main sectors of activities of Enveco since its establishment and as a result Enveco has an outstanding record of such studies both in Greece and in the surrounding countries.

In particular, our team has accomplished all kinds of studies concerning the natural environment ​​​​such as Ecological Baseline Studies, Management Plans and Appropriate Assessments and Plans of the Protection of Habitats and Species. As a result, today, Enveco is one of the most capable companies in this sector. A full time staff of biologists, ecologists,ornithologists, environmental scientists engineers and ​other scientists who work for Enveco S.A. possess the experience and expertise to fully meet our clients’ needs and guarantee the quality of provided services.

Staff members have specialized in Natural Resources Management studies for the past decades, developing a broad expertise by conducting numerous relevant studies.

In particular, Enveco NRM specialists have considerable experience in the following areas of activities, both during the desktop study period and during field work:

  • Data collection and assessment of abiotic and natural environment characteristics such as flora/fauna and habitat types.

  • Data collection and assessment of presence and distribution of rare or endangered species and corresponding geographical distribution of nesting sites through field work

  • Natural environment evaluation and identification of the protection status of the area

  • Photographic and relevant mapping documentation of the area and the most important species of flora/fauna and habitats.

  • Identification of potential impacts on the environment, in general and particularly on every important species of flora/fauna and habitats.

  • Design and implementation of a Management Plan for a protected area

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