Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EIA) is the main part of our provided services during the past decades, both in Greece and surrounding countries. We have undertaken more than four hundred (400) Environmental Impact Assessments of all kinds of works and activities (roads, harbors, airports, mining, renewable energy, etc.). Most of them are considered major infrastructure works. As a result, Enveco S.A.’s capabilities are among the best in the industry in Greece and the surrounding region.

​Our full-time staff consists of highly experienced civil-sanitary and environmental engineers, hydrologists, chemical engineers, architects – town planners, economists, ecologists, biologists, environmental scientists, lawyers, and other scientists. Their profound experience and expertise guarantee high-quality services and that all demands and deliverables are met to the fullest.

Through the conduction of numerous studies, our staff members have developed broad expertise and specialization in Environmental Impact Assessment.

In particular, Enveco EIA specialists have considerable experience in the following areas of activities:

  • Analysis of the existing state of the natural environment, for all environmental media (water, air, nature, soil)
  • Analysis of the existing state of the manmade environment (social, historical, economic, etc.), as well as relevant existing pressures
  • Definition and evaluation of alternatives, according to specific proposed environmental criteria.
  • Participation in the formulation of the project that has the least impacts on the environment (optimization of the selected alternatives)
  • Analysis of environmental impacts for the selected alternatives based on proven methodologies that are considered state of the art in the assessment of impacts of projects
  • Proposition of mitigation measures that should be taken to further mitigate the expected impacts on the environment
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