Uran Planning Vertical

Urban Planning

The improvement of the urban environment has always been a major objective for policymakers.
Urban Planning projects have been another section of Enveco S.A. consulting services.

Development projects on different territorial scales and urban regeneration practice coordinated by Enveco S.A. consist of:

  • ​analysis of the urban fabric and
  • sustainable design strategies​

The following key factors are taken into account:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Green mobility
  • Green urban areas
  • Respect for urban heritage
  • Sustainable land use​

These multi-disciplinary, inter-institutional research or pilot projects aim to better formulate the relationship between development, land-use, and associated economic and environmental impact with achieving healthier and more sustainable urban areas.

A staff of architects – urban and regional planners, economists, civil – sanitary and environmental engineers, ecologists, biologists, environmental scientists, lawyers, and other scientists are available and prepared to offer top-quality urban analysis and design.

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