Environmental Policy

ENVECO S.A. is a company providing special consulting services in the fields of environmental protection and economics as well as in the management of relevant works, while at the same time it is responsible for the implementation of environmental monitoring programs in projects in Greece and abroad.

We commit to establish, implement and maintain an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001: 2015 which is consistent with the purpose and the context of our company including the nature, scale and identified environmental impacts of our activities and services. For this reason:

  • we commit to protect the environment in all of our activities (i.e., recycling, use of recyclable materials, maintenance of mechanical equipment, utilization of renewable sources in the monitoring equipment)
  • we comply with all legal and other requirements
  • we set yearly environmental objectives and targets
  • we take into account the compliance to the principles of sustainable development
  • we implement rapid communication procedures and we are prepared to respond to potential emergency situation in order to mitigate any adverse environmental impact
  • we ensure the availability of resources (human, financial etc.) to achieve those targets

in order to achieve the continual improvement of our performance.

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