Pollution Management

Pollution Management

Since its establishment, Enveco S.A. has been deeply involved in the consulting sector of Pollution Management, emphasizing industrial pollution based on the relevant scientific background of its main partners. Today, Enveco S.A.’s capabilities in this sector are among the best in the consulting industry in Greece and the surrounding region. In ​particular, Enveco S.A. has been involved in a significant number of advisory consulting services concerning the transposition of European Union Policies and legislation in Greece (such as IPPC, EPER, Sevezo, etc.), preparation of action ​​plans for the pollution abatement on a large-scale basis as well as proposals for the monitoring of pollution.

Our full-time staff consists of highly experienced civil-sanitary and environmental engineers, hydrologists, chemical engineers, architects – town planners, economists, ecologists, biologists, environmental scientists, lawyers, and other scientists. Their profound experience and expertise guarantee high-quality services and that all demands and deliverables are met to the fullest.

Staff members have been specialized in Pollution Management studies for the past decades, developing broad expertise by conducting numerous relevant studies.

In particular, Enveco S.A. specialists have considerable experience in the following areas of activities:

  • Recording of point and non-point sources of pollution in the air, water, soil, and ecosystems
  • Elaboration of various assessment techniques (including modeling) of the impacts of point and non-point sources of pollution in the environment
  • Development of supporting tools (e.g., decision-supporting systems) for the abatement of pollution in the environment
  • Development of policies and strategies for the management of pollution on a large-scale basis
  • Development of operational plans for the abatement of pollution in the environment, including emergency as well as short-term and long-term measures
  • Site characterization and investigations of pollution with an emphasis on the dangerous and toxic pollutants

Development of rehabilitation plans of polluted land, including both industrial and commercial brownfields

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