Quality Policy

ENVECO ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION MANAGEMENT & ECONOMICS, is following a specific Quality Policy through the implementation of a Quality System in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2015, covering all activities concerning consulting services and studies.

The primary objective of ENVECO SA is the complete satisfaction the quality requirements of their clients for whom they are offering consulting services, and gain the loyalty, trust and long-term partnership with each customer. The studies that ENVECO develops and the services it provides to its clients are characterized by high quality, comply with the laid down specifications, maintain schedules and meet the most stringent technical criteria.

The integrated approach of the Quality Policy of ENVECO SA, is based on:

  • The provision of quality service to the client. For its scientific, technical and support staff, the    opinion and needs of the client is paramount
  • Its structure and the experience of previously performed studies, associated with the quality policy at an organizational level.
  • The concern for safety and health of its employees in the office and in the field and the constant advancement of the level of their education through educational programs for training and continuous development of knowledge and skills.

The Quality System operated by ENVECO SA, is satisfying these basic needs:

  • The need to achieve and maintain the desired quality at the least possible cost.
    To fulfill this objective, a planned and efficient use of all material, human resources and tools that are available is needed.
  • The need for full satisfaction of the requirements of clients, with the implementation of each study, to a constant acceptable quality level with the ultimate aim of gaining confidence.

 It is the explicit commitment of the management for the effective implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality System to achieve the primary objectives, setting annual measurable objectives. Through these goals which are monitored of the Review of the System and the resetting of the goals, the continuous improvement in the effectiveness Quality System is achieved, with respect, both to the aforementioned Quality Policy, and the existing and respectively applicable national and EU legislation.

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