Environmental Monitoring

Environmental & Social Monitoring

During the last years, ENVECO S.A. has been involved in designing and implementing a significant number of Environmental and Social Monitoring Programs.

ENVECO S.A. provides a full range of environmental & social monitoring services that are designed to meet varying requirements. Our field teams can provide a wide range of services such as site investigations, analysis, monitoring, and data collection.

Our experts will help determine the most effective method of monitoring various aspects of a project.

ENVECO S.A. environmental monitoring services cover the following sectors:

  • Air quality & Meteorological Parameters
  • Noise emissions
  • Water (drinking, ground, surface, sea, etc.)
  • Soil Analysis & Assessment
  • Vibrations and seismicity
  • Produced Waste (Solid, liquid, etc.)
  • Marine environment Biological Quality Elements (BQEs)
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Grievance Mechanism Support
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