Field studies of distribution and abundance of breeding birds

Field studies of distribution and abundance of breeding birds

Country: Bulgaria
Duration: In Progress

Duration of assignment (months): 21

Detailed Project Description:

The scope of the study is collecting data and elaborating maps on the numbers and distribution of nesting birds in Bulgaria. The study will also estimate on the current conservation status of nesting birds in Bulgaria. This will be achieved by monitoring specific representative squares (10Km x 10Km) throughout Bulgaria which will cover the following:


  • the geomorphological differences

  • the habitats and land-uses categories

  • the geographical distribution of surface water resources

  • the specific geographical necessities of bird species giving emphasis to the important and rare bird species


The existing information about the geographical distribution of bird species are being taken into consideration. The study it is carried out effectively by forming a proper study team in which at least 20 experienced ornithologists are participating to the fieldwork records as well as to the processing and evaluating of the data. The study includes analytical field works, statistical analysis, GIS analysis, training and software development for the presentation and the processing of the numerous field work data. The end of the program lies in the first months of 2015 while the fieldwork periods, as shown in the following table, will be take place during May and June 2013 and 2014.


Description of actual services provided by Enveco within the assignment


Our staff covered the issues related to all phases of the preparation of the project. In particular, the study has the following tasks:


Task 1: Submission of a list of members of field teams, accompanied by a curriculum vitae and copies of diplomas for each of them

Task 2: Review and evaluation of current data and methodologies for species

Task 3: Development of methods for monitoring

Task 4: Formation of methodology for monitoring after the fieldwork

Task 5. Inspection and if necessary correct the monitoring methodology in their practical application in the field in the first year

Task 6. Prepare maps which contain layers of the distribution of literature and other available data, layers with potential habitat, layers of monitoring places

Task 7. Prepare maps which contain layers and list of places in Aspect 2 of the Technical Specification

Task 8. Document containing methods for assessing the status of species

Task 9. Revised documents containing methodology of assessment the status of species in Annex 1

Task 10. Plan fieldwork

Task 11. First field season

Task 12. Second field season

Task 13. Filled field forms

Task 14. Preparation of a report for training of all participants in teams of fieldwork

Task 15. Completed and filled field forms in Information System of NBM

Task 16. Preparation of a document containing an assessment of the status of each species in Annex 1

Task 17. Presentation of a document containing an assessment of the status of each species in Annex 1

Task 18. Preparation of maps with displayed results spatial analysis of data

Task 19. Presentation of maps with displayed results spatial analysis of data

Task 20. Development of the spatial analysis maps

Task 21. Report with results of the study of existing spatial models for the species/groups

Task 22. Detailed report, describing the steps, used the statistical and spatial tools and resources for the preparation of spatial ecosystem model

Task 23. Report for training of experts from EEA, REIW, National Parks and Nature Parks

Task 24. Monthly progress report

Task 25. Preliminary draft of the final report

Task 26. Final version of the report

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