Water, soils and ecosystems management system of Lake Karla

​​​Water, soils and ecosystems management system of Lake Karla

Country: Greece
Region:  Prefectures of Magnisia and Larissa, Greece
Duration: 2009- 2011
Client: HELLENIC REPUBLIC, Ministry of Infrastructures, Transportation and Networks, General Secretariat of Public Works/ General Directorate of Hydraulic Works
Division of Reclamation Works (Δ7)

Main characteristics:

  • Exploration of the best operation way of the re-creation works of Karla lake and drawing-up of an analytical plan for the disposal of water so as to achieve the increase of effectiveness and satisfaction of the targets of the works for various hydrological conditions
  • Drawing-up and formation of specific analytical operation rules of the re-creation works of Karla lake so that the project’s targets and the country’s commitment towards the EU and the funding terms are met
  • Drawing-up and development of a computer simulation tool for the operation of the works at Karla and the main development works of the water resources at Karla lake to be used at the management and analysis of the operation way and further development of the system of the works
  • Drawing-up, formation and specification of a specific monitoring and control system of the operation of the works and the re-creation system of Karla lake (water, soils and ecosystems system)
  • Assessment of the implementation expenses for the management and monitoring of the works as well as of the water cost arising from the management way of the separate works

Important environmental issues:

  • Preservation of the ecological status of the lake
  • Assessment of the available ground water resources
  • Assessment of the environmental and resource cost on the basis of directive 2000/60/EC

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