​​​Implementation of articles 5 and 6 of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC

​​​Implementation of articles 5 and 6 of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC

Country: Cyprus

Region: Cyprus
Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment -Water Development Department of Cyprus
Start date : 6/1/2004
Completion date :  4/1/2005
Associated Consultants: WL Delft, Argyropoulos


Detailed Project Description

• The project aims at meeting the obligations and requirements of the WFD with specific focus on its 2004 requirements. The specific objective of the project is to exactly meet the requirements of articles 5 and 6 and relevant Annexes of the Water Framework Directive, primarily in terms of expected deliverables (report and register).
• These planned WFD reports characterize river basin districts in terms of reference conditions, human and other pressures & impacts and economics of water uses, including a register of protected areas lying within the river basin district.
• Additional to the specific objectives for 2004, the project aims to anticipate on the implementation of coming WFD articles. Recommendations in terms of database- and software tools, monitoring requirements etc. will facilitate future WFD requirement.
• Descriptive tasks to be carried out for Article 5 are the processing and presentation of available data for surface and groundwater bodies such as maps, databases, statistical data on population, agriculture etc
• The analysis of pressures and impacts and the economics analysis of water bodies involve knowledge of the physical functioning of the water system and the functioning of water institutions. The related activities are based on interpretation by experts and these judgments are supported by analysis tools and computer models.
• The proposed list of protected areas and the description of the type specific reference conditions for the water bodies need to be discussed accepted and approved by the Cypriot (scientific) community. Meetings and discussions are organized to achieve agreement, specifically for the reference conditions which determine the ecological targets and future costs of measures to comply with these targets.
Important environmental issues:
• Determination and analysis of anthropogenic pressures on the surface and ground water systems and the protected areas and assessment of their impacts
• Characterization – typology of the surface water systems and initial and further characterization of the ground water systems pursuant to the principles of Directive 2000/60/EC
• Determination of the report conditions of surface water systems pursuant to the principles of Directive 2000/60/EC

Results Achieved:

The results of this project, including the characterization of the river basin district, are an appropriate basis for the future establishment of a program of measures for the river basin district of Cyprus. Besides potential measures, suggestions for a WFD proof monitoring program were given. The final report with the characterization of the river basin was received by the EC with great satisfaction

Description of actual services provided by Enveco within the assignment:

Our staff covered the issues related to all phases of the preparation of the project. In particular, the following tasks have been covered:

Task 1: Preparation of two documents to fulfill the requirement for Cyprus with respect to WFD on articles 5 and 6 including: ο   Description of river basin district - water bodies both surface and ground water;
• Description of river basin district - reference conditions;
• Description of Pressures and analysis of Impacts; ο   Register protected areas; ο   Economic analyses.
Task 2: Investigation of the possibility to implement the Full-Cost recovery principle for water supply to the domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors;
Task 3: Consultation, coordination and participation of local experts from all sections of the community with respect to the reference conditions;
Task 4: Establishment of reference status and current ecological situation through Habitat simulation models, predicting the occurrence of vegetation and habitat types or flora and fauna species based on information of the abiotic conditions. Models supplement the scarce