Integrated water resources management, Crete

​​​Integrated water resources management, Crete

​Country: Greece

Region: Crete Island
Duration: December 1999 - December 2001
Client:  HELLENIC REPUBLIC, Region of Crete, General Directorate of the Region of Crete, Division of Planning and Development, Department of Water Resources Management


Main characteristics:

  • Creation of Decision Support System for Water Resources Management at the level of Hydrological Region
  • Use of modern technological tools for the documented support of decisions
  • Possibility of total supervision of the water potential and management problems
  • Possibility of preliminary effectiveness control of the suggested solutions (projects and actions)
  • Formation of a single basis of hydrological and hydro-geological data
  • Creation of a Geographic Information System
  • Management model of the existing and recommended infrastructure in the hydrological region
  • Simulation of selected areas of the system in various scenarios for resources uses and availability
  • Financial analysis of management policies
  • Training of the personnel in the use of the system

Important environmental issues:

  • Assessment of minimum supply for important rivers of the area
  • Creation of a management model of irrigation, water supply and industrial water for the wider area
  • Assessment of the necessary measures for the improvement of water management in the area
  • Analytical simulation of the operation of selected hydrological and hydro-geological areas

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